1Retail POS

1Retail for Acumatica and MYOB Advanced is an on-platform Point of Sale system that is Easy to Use, Easy and quick to Deploy and works in many retail verticals

1Retail POS is a Retail Point of Sale system built exclusively on Acumatica and MYOB Advanced by the 1Retail team, who have over 30 years of Retail POS development experience.

1Retail is a Customer Centric POS solution that is Fast, Secure and Scalable to meet your needs. Delivered via a Mobile device or on-terminal, and with full offline capability, 1Retail is designed for the cloud, or can be hosted or deployed on-premise.

1Retail is a modern application, designed to aleviate the common challenges faced by legacy POS solutions. The core solution includes three components:

- AIM - Acumatica / Advanced Integration Module - This is the core of the solution developed within Acumatica and where 99% of the configuration occures
- Store Hub - a low-cost hardware or software solution that enables streamlined printing and transfers data between the AIM and the App.
- App - The front end POS App built using Xamarin, with flexible design, and able to run on various hardware devices.

Certified for Acumatica 

Technically Validated for MYOB Advanced 

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Feature and Functions

Acumatica / MYOB Advanced Integration
1Retail is deeply integrated to Acumatica and MYOB Advanced to provide unmatched seamless integration. 1Retail was developed in the Acumatica and MYOB Advanced SDK to ensure consistent access to transactions regardless of the source, meaning there is no data entry duplication. All inventory, Customer and Pricing data is available in 1Retail POS and synchronisation frequency can be set. Rich data is passed back to the ERP and processed automaically via a schedule, or manually based on your needs. Nearly all the configuration is managed in Acumatica or MYOB Advanced, and pushed to the 1Retail App.
Retail businesses, unlike many businesses grow by adding stores or retail outlets. The ability to quickly and easily add additional branch outlets is a key retail business requirement. In 1Retail, this is easily accomplished by adding additional branches (store HUBS) in Acumatica or MYOB Advanced and installing 1Retail store HUB at the new retail outlet.
Consumers expect a near seamless cross-channel shopping experience, from eCommerce sites to Warehouse Locations to Retail Stores. They expect the products that they want to purchase to be readily available, expediently delivered or available for pickup. They expect that you maintain near-perfect order fulfillment rates.
Customer Centric
Retail going forward will be all about re-connecting with customers and maintaining the relationships that you cultivate. 1Retail can help your store staff manage your customers better, and give you access to the customer information that you require when you need it. No matter where you access your client info, you are looking at a single source of truth.
1Retail supports Multi Currency and can process any POS Transaction in any currency setup in Acumatica or MYOB Advanced. 1Retail can also give change in any currency setup.
1Retail can be attached to a single company or can take advantage of the multi tenant features in Acumatica or MYOB Advanced to attach 1Retail Hubs and workstation clients to more than one company in a multi-tenant database.
Employeees and Salespeople
1Retail uses employees in Acumatica and MYOB Advanced throughout the system to allow for the management of staff from within the ERP system and to allow for the collection of time sheet data should you choose to activate this option in 1Retail.
Sale / Invoice
Process a Sale Transaction (sell products). Apply Acumatica or MYOB Advanced Discounts and Pricing structures. Apply Serial Number and/or Lot tracking.
Credit / Return
Process a Credit Note or a Sales Return (returned product) transaction. Recall an existing transaction by transaction number.
Paid On Account
Receive an amount into the till that will be applied to one or more existing invoices from an existing customer in Acumatica or MYOB Advanced. If no invoice is selected, an amount entered will be processed as a prepayment in Acumatica or MYOB. If Invoices are selected and the amount applied is greater than the total of the invoices to be paid, the overage will be setup as a prepaid (unapplied) amount.
Paid in Unaplied
Receive an amount into the Customers Account in Acumatica or MYOB Advanced. Payment is unapplied to any specific Invoice either generated in 1Retail or any existing invoice for that customer regardless of the source in the ERP.
Cash Paid into Till
Process a cash paid in to the till. Usually replenishing a cash paid out.
Process (create) a quote transaction in 1Retail that will be passed into Acumatica or MYOB Advanced as a quote in the ERP Sales Orders.
No Sale
Open the cash drawer and record the opening as a transaction. Kick the Cash Drawer.
Layaways, Lay-By's and Special Orders
Process a Layaway. In Acumatica or MYOB Advanced this shows up as an Order only and may have a prepay applied as full or partial payment for what is being placed on an order. These transactions are widely used to process special orders. Process a Layaway or a Special Order. These Transactions go into Acumatica or MYOB as Sales Orders with either no payment or with an Order Prepay.
1Retail uses network security, Rest, SSH, data encryption and certificates wherever appropriate to provide protection to your data. Additional user and branch security is layered on top of Acumatica and MYOB Advanced providing enhancements to the configuration. User and branch security is enhanced with an additional layer of security configured within 1Retail.
Mobile or On-Premise
1Retail was designed from the start to be fully mobile or installed in your stores. 1Retail is fully scalable and can be deployed in one store or many, can be mobile, can be hosted or installed on premise; the choice is yours. 1Retail can operate online or offline and seamlessly transition from one mode to another, even in the middle of a transaction.
Integrated Payments
1Retail partners with American and African Payment Systems for fully integrated card present payment processing. We are currently integrating with payment provider Ingenico for Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
Loyalty and Gift Cards
You’ve got all this data, why not use it. Loyalty helps you keep connected to your customers, and rewards them for returning. 1Retail enables points accumulation, redemption and Transfer. Features include loyalty cards, plans and incentive with Gift cards.
1Retail is designed to ensure the POS App operates offline in the event connectivity is lost to Acumatica / MYOB Advanced or the hub. Tablets can be used to process POS transactions while offline, and these automatically synchronise with the Hub once connectivity is respored. The 1Retail App installs a local database on the POS terminal to enable this.
Fault Tolerant
1Retail’s Fault Tolerant design is intended to sense a failure in the transmission of data and keep transactions at whatever level it can en route to the Acumatica or MYOB Advanced system. Once connectivity is re-established, the stored transactions are automatically forwarded on ultimately to Acumatica or MYOB without any user intervention!
1Retail can scale as your business grows by adding stores, tills and branch data to your system. 1Retail can easily manage significant numbers of retail stores without taxing your Acumatica or MYOB Database database.
1Retail can attach notes at the point of Sale to transactions that are posted to Acumatica or MYOB Advanced. 1Retail also supports notes on transaction details in the ERP.
1Retail was designed to operate on Windows, Android and IOS operating systems.
Multiple Payments per transation
1Retail can process a transaction with any number of payments including Cash, Check (Cheque), Credit Card or any other user defined payment method in multiple currencies.
Multiple Form Factors
1Retail was designed to operate Desktop Computers, Tablets and Smartphones with a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions.The App resizes based on the screen size on the device.
Advanced Printing
Emailed and/or printed sales slips/invoices can be sent from the same print job. Multiple “Rule Based” print jobs can be run from a single transaction.
Emailed & Printed Receipts
Emailed and/or printed sales slips/invoices can be sent from the same print job. 1Retail can print sales slips or Invoice formats and includes a report designer.
1Retail is available as a SaaS or On-Premise solutions and supports multi-location transaction processing using remote polling. 1Retail can operate on a local LAN, Wide Area Network, Wifi, 3G, 4G or 5G networks.
Custom Fields
1Retail includes a number of custom fileds for the front end App that can be configured differently for each deployment. Additional capability can be added to 1Retail per customer request, and made available in future releases.